7 Ways to guess someone’s unique personality

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7 Ways to guess someone's unique personality

Every time you meet a new person, you will automatically judge what the character looks like. There are quiet, there are those who are immediately excited for mercy. Furthermore, you will understand the good and bad personality of your acquaintance.

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Well, it turns out that there are indeed a number of things that can be used as material for your initial assessment of one’s character. Similarly, you are judged by others for the first time.

Reported by antero.co from Lifehack, Wednesday (9/30), here are seven things that you can make as the basis for an initial assessment in evaluating someone. Happy learning!


According to one study, the way someone writes and the size of their handwriting can help you assess certain things about the person concerned. According to research conducted by the National Pen Company, people with small handwriting tend to be shy, thorough, and diligent. While people who are sociable and tend to look for attention, the writing is usually large. People who are serious, usually more pressure on the pen when writing.

Favorite color

According to an article in Psychology Today, the colors you use frequently, can say who you are. People who often use black are considered sensitive, artistic, and observant of details. While people who love life, usually like the color red. They are also more proactive in all situations.

People who love green are loyal and loving people, while white people are organized and logical. If you like blue, you are a person who is stable, sensitive, and attentive to others.

Nail biting

Repetitive behavior or repetition that focuses on a particular part of the body may indicate a person’s personality. How your body reacts to situations, whether by pulling your hair, biting your nails or twisting your skin, you might be an impatient, frustrated, bored, and dissatisfied person.

Nail biting in research shows that you tend to be perfectionists, but also on the other hand feel tense and often nervous.


In the opinion of a psychologist, you can judge someone just by looking at their shoes. Researcher Omri Gillath from the University of Kansas stated that just by checking the cost, style, color and condition of the shoes, you can guess about 90% of the owner’s personal characteristics. Such as income, affiliation politics, gender, and even age.


The eye is said to be a mirror of the soul. From the eyes, you can see the person’s thoughts and feelings, indeed miraculous. According to research, people with blue eyes are less pleasant and are more likely to become alcoholics than people with dark eyes.

Or it could be with you looking at other people when you talk. People who avoid eye contact when chatting, may be that person lacks self-control or has a weak will.


The timeliness of you when making an appointment or attending an office or an event can form a negative or positive impression about your personality. Being late can form your negative image, while coming earlier instead. And all this is determined by the mental order and self-motivation that is within yourself.


People with strong handshakes show good confidence. You could say this kind of person is also extroverted, expressive, and tends not to be quiet.

Meanwhile, people with weak handshakes, can be considered lacking in confidence and always want to take the easy way when facing something. Offering yourself shaking hands first is clearly far from being arrogant.

Hmmm, from now on, pay more attention to ‘trivial’ things, guys! Initial assessment can determine your future. Congratulations on being a good person!

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