NOT CHARGER FULL? Here is a tip for a full Android phone battery

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Next, ANTERO.CO will share 6 ways to deal with old Android. Hello friends, I often feel that your Android is fast enough to integrate the battery even though you only use a few hours. When you fill it, how come it seems like a long wait.

It might be just a suggestion from you or it might also happen because of certain factors. It must be really right.

Especially if you really like to play games, when you play the game it looks like it is but it’s already dying. Uh, but how come it’s really a long time ago. I can’t wait for the battery fully to be able to play the game again. Hehe. I also absorbed the same thing.

Well, there are a number of factors that cause the Android battery to be full for a long time and when it comes to a very long charge, namely:

Causes of Full Android Battery

1. Broken USB Cable

Broken USB cables often occur on flat cables. Because the cable is flat when rotated, on both sides of the cable will be torn quickly. Whereas on both sides there is a cable that makes your android charge.

I suggest if you buy Android and provide a flat cable. You better buy a new charger with a round cable.

I have experienced it, flat cables last only 2 months because they have been torn on both sides of the cable. Then I bought a new charger and a round cable to make it safer and more durable.

2. The Charger You Use Is Not the Original

For those who like to charger, don’t blame it if your android is really long after charging. because if your battery has 4000mah while your friend’s battery power is only 2000mah.

Now the electricity or voltages used by your friend’s charger are lower than the charger provided by your android. Therefore, it is very long when you charge using your friend’s charger.

3. Charger Plugs On Slack Android

The factor that causes the charging of the old Android battery is the saggy charger plug. Android is quite durable, to the point that the USB charger port becomes loose.

As a result of the loose USB port, sometimes when charging often to charge, then it dies, life again continues to die again. So that it causes Android to charge for a long time

4. Internet Data Is Still Alive

Why is the old cellphone charger full? maybe your internet data lives on. Internet data requires more power when active. So that your battery subconsciously decreases little by little. It can even cause overheating when you are charging.

5. Do Activities with Android When Charger

You should not use your android when charging. besides making a long time to charge it this kind of thing also makes an impact on your charger. Chargers so hot can be overheating and not just a charger, your Android can be like that.

When the charger overheat one of the impacts that occur is the burner charger can even cause a short circuit because the cable is too hot.

I have experienced it, and the charger is badly smoke and after that the charger cannot be used again. Must buy a new one.

Those are the factors that cause why the old cellphone charger is full. Maybe there are many other factors.

But what I have experienced is like I mentioned above. If you experience something different you can mention it in the comments column.

Next we will discuss how to overcome the old android ngecas. Here are the easy ways you can do:


1. Turn off your Internet data

If data is not used you should turn it off. Especially when it is being charged, live internet power can cause overheat on the Android or charger that we use.

In addition to saving quota, Android that rarely overheats more durable components than overheating. Therefore, keep your android as good as possible so that your android’s life will be longer.

2 Don’t Use Android When Charge goes on

Well most of us often do the opposite. Including myself hehe. When Android is not used by anyone you will feel redundant and really want to play with your Android. Whether it’s playing games, listening to songs, or watching movies.

But when you use your Android in charge, do you not feel your Android is very hot like usual. This is what is called overheat. You should be careful, if your Android overheat can cause your android to crash quickly.

It would be nice if your android is not used when you are charging. So that your battery is full fast, does not overheat and your android is durable.

3. Only Use the Charger Provided

when you use other chargers especially different brands will make your android heat up quickly even if you use the charger. and also between 4000mah charger that has been provided by android that you buy different volts out with a battery that has 2000mah power only.

When you want your battery to be full fast you should use a charger that has been provided by the manufacturer when we buy android. in addition to removing the volt has been set, the use of the charger from the manufacturer certainly does not heat up quickly because the charger is recommended by the manufacturer itself.

4. Change the battery

How to Overcome the Old Android Ngecas the 4th is to replace the battery. You are confused about your Android, why, when charging, why isn’t the full charge even though the charger used is indeed the one from the factory, then the GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth or internet data connection has been turned off.

It is possible that your battery is outdated / it’s time to be replaced. Batteries quickly wear out because there are several factors, one of which is that you charge for too long. Is that the charge too long? When the battery shows 100% number and you do not revoke the charge power.

Then it can cause the battery to quickly wear out. Many of us charge then stay in bed. Now this is not very good for batteries.

The battery will feel fast when playing games after an hour rather than when you first buy. You should replace the battery so that you feel comfortable and can play android for longer. And also charging becomes faster than using an outdated battery.

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5. Change USB Port

USB port that has been loosened becomes one of the obstacles of the length of your Android charging. because the loose USB port when charging power is charged then turns off, recharges again then turns off again.

So the battery is not full. If it is loosened it is better that you bring it to the service cellphone so that your android is repaired so that the USB port is not loose and charging becomes fast.

6. Upgrade your Android System

How to Overcome Old Android Check out the last version of the Lambe Tekno team is to upgrade your Android system. One android has a system operation update feature.

Now if you have it you can update the system operation to the latest version. because the system operation is updated so that your android operates optimally and if there are bugs in the previous version. The latest version will fix this bug.

Maybe one bug is charging too long. well if you update the system operation. chances are you are charging faster in this latest version.

And if the charging process is even longer. It’s likely that your Android isn’t compatible with the latest system operations.

So you can downgrade your operating system version to the previous version so you can charge faster and also feel comfortable with the Android you have.

Now that’s the way to deal with old Androids easily. Hopefully it will be answered why the charging of Android batteries is slow. Read more articles better at finding an easy solution. Give your opinion in the comments column below.

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