Exciting Things You Need To Know About Malioboro Jogja

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About Malioboro – Jogja is famous as a tourist city in Indonesia besides Bali. The city has various interesting destinations to visit. Jogja has extraordinary natural wealth and distinctive culture. It is very sad if a traveler has never enjoyed the beauty of Jogja City. Despite having many tours, there are various free destinations in Jogja. A traveler can choose it as a vacation spot.

Here are various free tourist attractions in Malioboro Jogja as reported by Antero.co from various sources.

1. Malioboro

Who doesn’t know Malioboro Jogja? Tourists whose initial intention is only to hunt for natural attractions in Jogja, definitely look for opportunities to stop at this iconic picnic destination. What is the reason? That’s what we will discuss here.

Well, if you usually only know how to spend money there, now you will know interesting things about this destination such as the history of Malioboro Jogja, shopping tips there until you can do anything.

Exclaimed right? So don’t rush to stop reading this article. Later you will miss the exciting information about this popular destination in Yogyakarta Province.

Who can you only shop in Malioboro? There are many exciting things that you and your friends can do here, including?

Eat well Malioboro

This place is famous as the most complete culinary tour in Gudeg City. Here, you can find any food, ranging from traditional Yogyakarta food such as gudeg or Yamko, to unique foods such as oseng oseng mercon (oseng oseng petasan) or Sate Kere (poor satay). And of course food is also difficult to find in other cities.

On average, all Jogja culinary tours are sold at popular prices so you can eat with satisfaction. Especially if you are in the Malioboro Market in Yogyakarta called Beringharjo Market. Hmmm … surely the stomach will soon be full half dead because of the many choices.

But, you also need to carefully choose where to eat, huh. Because there are several street vendors that are super expensive. Mending to find a place to eat where the visitors are rather large. Or choose the menu options and prices as well.

Take a photo at Malioboro jogja

If you are bored picnic to a beach tour because in the picture of water mulu, Malioboro Jogja offers a unique background for photos. Yes, you don’t have to take photos in the middle of the road because you can be kicked out because they disturb the public.

You just have to choose a photo spot around the place, such as behind the Malioboro signboard. That’s an iconic spot, loh. You can show off to your friends if you are in Jogja.

No need to be ashamed of the photos there. All you need to do is you need to be patient rather than feel embarrassed, because usually there are so many people waiting in line for photos.

So while waiting, you can think about what photo pose. If necessary, all of you think about what you want to eat, where to sleep, whatever shopping and so on. Thinking about who you want to be married to, who can, so you can make your time effective. Time is money, right?

Walking Picnic

Admittedly a backpacker, but where to use a taxi, is it less animating! Try walking and only at Malioboro Jogja can you go to many beautiful tourist attractions on foot without the need to get tired.

Lots of picnic destinations in Malioboro and surrounding areas such as Yogyakarta Palace, Fort Vredeburg, Alkid aka Kidul Square, Zero kilometer point and many more.

It’s not just morning, at night this place is cool too. A lively and bustling atmosphere, it turns out to be very cozy amidst the music of street musicians.

Already saving money for transportation, time and energy also become economical because in one go, you can go to many places. So you can know about the history of Malioboro Jogja, too, if you walk there ?!

And if you are tired of the road, in this place there are so many reliable modes of transportation such as becak, delman, to ojek online.

Things that need to be considered

Now if you are interested in coming to Malioboro Jogja, there are some things you need to pay attention to, including:

  1. Circle Tuesday Wage at your calendar. This is a clean clean day that causes street vendors and several kiosks in the place to be closed for 24 hours. Don’t try to come unless you just want the photo with the asphalt.
  2. Don’t be lazy to make a way to compare the price of goods. Lazy surveys of targeted items will make you lose big, both loss of money and feelings because you feel sorry there are cheaper items. If you have a crush on an item, bargain politely 30% of the original price. If not allowed, immediately look for another.
  3. Thank God, you also bring many friends who you can “empower” to survey goods at other kiosks.
    When shopping at Malioboro shopping center, you should keep an eye on your luggage. More and more people, criminal risk is also getting bigger. Always put the bag in front. No problem with Doraemon, the important thing is safe.
  4. If you want to feel a rickshaw or wagon ride, don’t come to Malioboro Jogja during the holiday season. The price must be really expensive. If for example, you still want to go up, you want to bargain the price first. It was feared that some pedicab drivers or nosy delmans gave very expensive prices.

That was a few tips to come to this picnic destination. Hopefully these tips can make your vacation more interesting and memorable.

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